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Special Operations Para-Ops Unit: Psi-Ops

Built upon the foundation of the late Jason Ferman's 'Psi-Corps', this unit of SCORPIO utilizes psi-talented individuals of varying power levels and 'gifts' who are given basic SCORPIO Agent training and tasked with the research, investigation and intervention of all rogue humans/entities with telepathic or other para-psychological abilities, as well as the training and nurturing of new psi-talent. Several Psi-Ops Agents also serve as SCORPIO's psychoanalyzers, profilers and trackers.

Division Captain: Ransim (site: Cherry 9 / Global: @Ran Kailie)
Field Leader: Open


About Psi-Operations:

A collection of gifted experts and researchers from a vaiety of fields... psionics, scientists, researchers, mystics and magic-based beings within the framework of a paramilitary strikeforce. As such there are certain duty requirements that will be followed:

  • Agents are expected to follow the chain of command, but are equally expected to take personal responsibility for themselves and their brothers in arms should a field captain not be present.
  • Agents will respect the command of captains leading other divisions except where that command contradicts Psi-Ops command and/or procedure.
  • Discretion and tactics in the field are expected. SCORPIO Psi-Ops Agents will stay aware of the battlefield and work with their fellow SCORPIO Agents and allies as they do one another.
  • SCORPIO Psi-Ops Agents should use deadly force only when absolutely necessary. Once incapacitated, the majority of criminals will be tagged and teleported to Zigursky Penitentiary for processing.
  • Illegal drug and/or substance abuse is not tolerated.



  • This is a moderate to heavy RP group. Your character's background should be indicative of psionic or telepathic powers and abilities... training that would allow them to participate and contribute. You aren't required to be ex-military to be an Agent but you should have a believable reason that you can operate in such a group. Additional SCORPIO Agent training is available for those who exhibit extraordinary paranormal talents or abilities.


  • Psi Unit Agents should be Natural or Mutant in origin, but can also be Science if explaining the character's ability as the result of experimentation.


Psi-Unit Agents: (All except /devices should be RP'd as various Psionic Abilities.  See list of named psionic abilities below)


  • Blasters -
    • Primary - Psychic Blast (preferred), Fire, Ice, Electric
    • Secondary - Mental Manipulation (preferred), Fire, Ice, Electric, Devices
  • Controllers -
    • Primary - Mind, Illusion, Fire, Ice, Earth
    • Secondary - Empathy, Force Field, Storm, Thermal, Kinetic
  • Tankers - 
    • Primary - Dark, Fire, Ice, Stone, Willpower, Invulnerability
    • Secondary - Dark, Fire, Ice, Stone
  • Defenders -
    • Primary - Cold, Empathy, Dark, Force Field, Storm
    • Secondary - Dark, Psychic, Ice, Electric
  • Scrappers -
    • Primary - Dark, Fire
    • Secondary - Fire, Willpower, Invulnerability

Named Psionic Abilities for use in RP and character background info:

  • Telepathy: To communicate without the use of physical senses.
    •   - Mind reading
    •   - Empathy
    •   - Thought Communications
    •   - Mental Attacks
    •   - Mental Defenses
    •   - Mind Control
    •   - Projected Illusions
  • Extrasensory Perception: To precieve objects and events beyond the use of ordinary senses
    •   - Clairvoyance and/or Clairaudience
    •   - Precognition and Premonitions
    •   - Retrocognition
    •   - Remote Viewing, et al.
  • Psychokinetic abilities: aka. "mind over matter". Abilities that allow manipulation of the physical environmental and the general elements
    •   - Telekinesis (as in projecting pure force or moving objects via the mind).
    •   - Pyrokinesis (exciting molecules so that the resulting heat combusts into fire)
    •   - Cryokinesis (deceleration of molecules, resulting in objects becoming more cold and proceed towards solidification).
    •   - Hydrokinesis (control over water)
    •   - Electrokinesis (control of electrons or electrical energy)
    •   - Atmokinesis (influencing weather events and the atmosphere via the mind)
    •   - Photokinesis (control of light and/or other forms of electromagnetic radiation)
    •   - Geokinesis (control over earth)
    •   - Aerokinesis (control over air)
    •   - Biokinesis (control over organic matter)
    •   - Hemokinesis (control and manipulation of blood)
    •   - Umbrakinesis (control over darkness)


Psi-Unit Agents are required to create/acquire a uniform (the basic Psi-Agent Uniform or the optional Para-Ops Field Uniform... or both if they prefer).

Certain elements of the uniform will require particular colors. A numbered color chart has been provided.

The recipes for the basic Psi-Unit uniform is...

Psi Agent Uniform

  • Head > Standard
    • Detail 1 > Government Glasses
  • Upper Body > Trench Coat* (Color 1)
    • Coat Tail > Short > Basic
    • Chest > Dress Shirt
    • Chest Detail > Over > Scorpion 2 (color 5)
    • Gloves > (Large or Smooth/Bare) > Shiny Leather
    • Belt > Simple Leather
  • Lower Body > Pants
    • Pants > Motorcycle Leather > None
    • Boots > Boxing or Stiletto (for ladies)
  • Open Modifications: glasses, head gear; anything that changes should simply reflet small modifications made by the character to suit the nature of their specialty. Psychic blasters or pyrokinetics, etc.  Bear in mind that the uniform should still STRONGLY resemble a Psi-Ops Agent uniform.
  • All male Field Agents should be around 6' in height. Females should be around 5'5". (This is a suggestion only, but use common sense if you're building a natural character; National height averages should be researched.)
  • OPTIONAL: Your SCORPIO Psi-Ops uniform can be made utilizing a trenchcoat (color 1), all other options remaining the same. The trenchcoat should display the SCORPIO scorpion emblem in medium grey (color 5).

*If the trenchcoat vet reward is not available to you, the suit jacket is permissable.


As long as you fit the theme of the Psi-Ops division, we accept all levels of characters.


The naming convention "Agent " is preferred, but your character's name can be their code name or their real name as well.


Your character should be at a mature enough age to operate professionally, and no younger than 18.


This group deals with themes of military styled combat, covert operations and lethal force. You should be able to speak maturely both IC and OOC.


If you cannot Log In for an extended period of time, you should notify the group at once, as is courteous. Unexplained absence of more than 30 days will result in being dismissed from the group.


Communication both IC and OOC is very important and should be clear. All OOC communication should either be in double parenthesis (( )), start with (OOC), or be in the SCORPIO global chat channel.

,strongALL CHARACTER PLAYERS must set up and use the global chat channel for out-of-character (OOC) chat.


This OOC channel is to be strictly limited to active SCORPIO members and their alts.

Type the following command as shown (can be any key, not just 'numpad1'):
/bind numpad1 "beginchat /send ScorpOOC [$name]: "

Other useful binds to consider:
/bind numpad1 "beginchat ((OOC)): "

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