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Rules & Code of Conduct

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Zatmenije - Holy crap this site is still here. 
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ransim - ok, it barely works, hey guys I recommend if you want to keep in touch using discord.
ransim - >_> Wow I can't believe this still works.
Generilisk - I saw it too, Brou! Was even on briefly, while it was up!
Dancing Rose - Once upon a time...
Kethryveris - Damn I miss you guys.
VGhost - I'm so glad this site is still here. Feels like a moonlit walk through a childhood playground.
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Rules & Code of Conduct

Agent Code of Conduct (IC)

The items listed here are expected all all Agents in character. While for the sake of RP there can be exceptions, those exceptions are not the rule. We ask kindly that while in character everyone adheres to the following, all non-adherence will be handled with in character reprecussions.

  1. Agents are expected to act in a professional manner at all times, on or off duty. Your actions even when not actively working can impact public perception of the organization.
  2. Agents are expected to have acceptable living arrangements within the city. SCORPIO will not house you, but can assist in finding appropriate housing when needed.
  3. Agents are expected to treat any and all officers with respect. Officers have reached that position for a reason and deserve consideration and respect.
  4. SCORPIO fosters a team atmosphere. You do not need to like your fellow Agents but you will work with them and treat them like a teammate. Hostile and/or subversive behavior is unacceptable.
  5. Any and all interaction with public officials and media outlets must be approved and coordinated through the Public Relations Officer ((OOC)) prior. Any incidental contact with public officials or media outlets must be reported to Public Relations immediately.
  6. Authorizations for lethal force are given on a mission by mission basis and are only provided by the Executive Director and in an emergency the Deputy Director. Any other use of lethal force while on an operations without authorization may result in an investigation.
  7. All Agents are provided with state of the art equipment. Agents are NEVER sent into the field without uniforms and equipment.
  8. SCORPIO Agents are to rely upon and treat with respect all non-combat personnel. This includes SCORPIO intelligence, tech or medical officers and our three separate Cleaner Squads.
  9. SCORPIO operations and intelligence are available 24/7. There are always SCORPIO intelligence, tech or medical officers leading the command and tech centers and medical facilities.
  10. Fraternization between Agents is strongly discouraged. It is a security risk. Relationships outside SCORPIO as long as there is no conflict of interest are welcome. Agents are encouraged to seek a life outside of work.
  11. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, even when off duty. Agents are encouraged to not spend long periods of time in disreputable establishments unless working undercover.

OOC Notes:

  • Authorizations to kill while on missions are required even for Covert Operatives. However on a case by case basis some Operatives may be given a "license of kill".
  • While respect is expected playful joking between comrades and the occasional hazing is normal and at times expected. This is the way many professions with tough jobs cope with the stress and its often a way to strength comradery.
  • SCORPIO Agents are extremely well compensated. There is no reason for them to be unable to afford an apartment or basic needs.

Player Code of Conduct (OOC)

  1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  2. No political discussions on the OOC channel. No inflammatory topics or hate speak. This includes racism and prejudices.
  3. Common sense rules.
  4. Be polite and helpful to other members. Joking around is fine and even desired, but don't be snappy or rude.
  5. Treat officers with some respect + courtesy. Officers put a lot of work into helping to keep the group running.
  6. Metagaming and godmoding isn't fun. Try to learn things in character, it makes the RP more fun.
  7. SCORPIO does not have a veritable army of disposable nameless thugs. All operations (with a few minor exceptions) are completed by real player characters. NPCs make up mostly administrative and intelligence systems and three separate cleaner groups.
  8. SCORPIO operations and intelligence are available 24/7, there is always a group of NPCs leading the command center and medical facilities.
  9. While fraternization between Agents is strongly discouraged, relationships between Agents that are not flagrant and are kept secret are welcome.



This is a roleplaying group and deals loosely with themes of military styled combat, covert operations and lethal force. You should be able to speak maturely both IC and OOC.


If you cannot log-in for an extended period of time, you should notify the group at once... as is courteous.

  • Unexplained in-game absence of more than 30 days will result in dismissal from the group. All are welcome to rejoin if/when they are able.
  • Similarly, unexplained absence of more than 40 days from the site will result in dismissal from the site. Officers with an unexplained absense of greater than 14 days from the site and/or in-game will forfeit control of their charge.
  • Absenses of 90 days or greater, whether explained or not, will result in dismissal from the group. All are still welcome to rejoin if/when they are able.


Communication both IC and OOC is very important and should be clear. All OOC communication should either be in double parenthesis (( )), start with (OOC), or be in the SCORPIO global chat channel.

ALL CHARACTER PLAYERS must set up and use the global chat channel for out-of-character (OOC) chat.


This OOC channel is to be strictly limited to active SCORPIO members and their alts. 

Type the following command as shown (can be any key, not just 'numpad1'):

/bind numpad1 "beginchat /send ScorpOOC [$name]: "

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