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Zatmenije - Holy crap this site is still here. 
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ransim - >_> Wow I can't believe this still works.
Generilisk - I saw it too, Brou! Was even on briefly, while it was up!
Dancing Rose - Once upon a time...
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Special Agents

Special Agents

Work In Progress

S.C.O.R.P.I.O. Special Operations: Special Agents Unit

The Special Agents unit consists of specially deputized Agents of SCORPIO, including 'superheroes', Agents on loan from other Agencies, Intelligence Field Operatives + special consultants.


Field Agent UniformUniform:

Special Agents are not required to create/acquire a SCORPIO uniform unless they are closely associated with SCORPIO. For most Special Agents they can continue to wear their home organization uniform, or their costume. If a uniform is required, it should consist of the basic S.C.O.R.P.I.O. uniform ... based on the Spec-Ops uniform.

Certain elements of the uniform will require particular colors. A numbered color chart has been provided.

The recipe for the Special Agents uniform is...

Special Agent Uniform

  • Head > Masks with Hair
    • Face > (Any face) > Neck Cover
  • Upper Body > Tight
    • Chest > Exoproto
    • Chest Detail > Stealth (color 2)
    • Gloves > (Large or Smooth/Bare) > Heavy Leather
    • Belt > Stealth (color 2)
  • Lower Body > Tight
    • Pants > Leather Straps>Leather Staps (color 1)
    • Boots > (Large, Smooth, Work or Stillettos) > Combat Boots
  • Open Modifications: belt, head gear, shoulders... any thing that changes should simply reflect small modifications made by the character to suit the nature of their specialty ... rifle users or blades users, etc. Bear in mind that the uniform should still STRONGLY resemble a Spec-Ops uniform.
  • All male Field Agents should be around 6' in height. Females should be around 5'5". (This is a suggestion only, but use common sense if you're building a natural character; National height averages should be researched.)
  • A second SCORPIO uniform can be made utilizing a trenchcoat (color 1), all other options remaining the same. The trenchcoat should display the SCORPIO scorpion emblem in medium grey (color 4).


As long as you fit the theme of the Special Agent division, we accept all levels of characters.


Your character should be at a mature enough age to operate professionally, and no younger than 18. However considering the amount of experience one should have prior to becoming a Agent your character will probably be in their 20's or older.


This group deals with themes of military styled combat, covert operations and lethal force. You should be able to speak maturely both IC and OOC.


If you cannot Log In for an extended period of time, you should notify the group at once... as is courteous. Unexplained absence of more than 30 days will result in being dismissed from the group.


Communication both IC and OOC is very important and should be clear. All OOC communication should either be in double parenthesis (( )), start with (OOC), or be in the SCORPIO global chat channel.

ALL CHARACTER PLAYERS must set up and use the global chat channel for out-of-character (OOC) chat.


This OOC channel is to be strictly limited to active SCORPIO members and their alts.

Type the following command as shown (can be any key, not just 'numpad1'):
/bind numpad1 "beginchat /send ScorpOOC [$name]: "

Other useful binds to consider:
/bind numpad1 "beginchat ((OOC)): "

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